The "In Thing" for Pallet Lumber

                Who would have thought that wooden pallets would be the “popular” item in 2017? Wooden pallets have been around since the late 1920’s. Some people don’t even know what a pallet is. They don’t know what it can be used for, or why it was invented. Yet, corporations and regular people are needing and wanting pallets for business and/or personal use.

                The reason pallets were created was to make transportation of the trade industry more practical. How do you think your food gets to the market? Produce and processed foods are boxed and stacked on pallets to be transported the most efficiently. Once they arrive at the market, forklifts come to the dock and transport each pallet of goods to its designated region in their warehouse. Using pallets, makes the organization process more practical and time efficient.

                The commercial industry is needing pallets to transport the production of their goods. From paint to household necessities. Even the making of buildings and roads, there needs to be a way their materials can be transported in mass quantities.

                Personal use of pallets has grown in the past years. Reuse and Recycle is the motto in our generation. The way pallets are being recycled are environmentally and financially beneficial. They are used as decorations in homes, from using the boards as wood plank walls to a backdrop for a picture, television, mirror, etc. They are also used to make DIY furniture. Shelving, Bedroom furniture, Patio Tables, and Benches are just a few of the popular things creative minds like to challenge themselves to build.

                As you can tell there are more ways a pallet can be used commercially and/or personally. More and more pallet companies are diversifying the ideas of selling to the commercial industry and for people’s personal use. It’s amazing to see the demand for pallets in so many various areas of life.



(The picture is from a local business who bought some old pallets from us and used them as a wood decorative wall.)