Pallet Industry being Green?

Can a pallet company be environmentally green? Is it possible?

The argument in the wood industry is “How can cutting down trees be a great environmental decision?” There is normally waste after trees are cut down, after boards are cut, and after having a pallet be manufactured. This type of waste is not “wasteful” however. With all the waste coming from pallet manufacturing, we have a byproduct of sawdust, mulch and firewood. All of these items are used to make life more efficient.

Sawdust is used for many different things. It is used by farmers for bedding for the animals. It can also be an excellent fire starter to a bonfire or a simple woodburning furnace. Another way to use sawdust is to soak up spills in the garage or shop.

Mulch is another aspect of pallet manufacturing waste. People commonly label mulch as something that makes flowerbeds look beautiful and kept up. Mulch is actually used as a soil covering for a variety of reasons: water preservation, heat trapping, creating pathways, weed prevention and control, and to help control soil erosion.

Firewood is used world-wide. Firewood is used to heat homes, start fires, and for lighting a home. With using furnace that uses firewood to heat your home, it saves money on having an electric line that hauls gas through your house that could potentially cause a gas leak which could burn your house down. Heating your home with firewood does have the tendency to leave your house smelling cabin like and giving your home that cozy feel.

With all this being said I should confirm to you that the pallet industry is as green as any other industry as we cut trees down to make pallets to ship items across the U.S.A and internationally. Our business personally uses our waste to heat homes, businesses, and animal stables. Some of which are employees homes and families from the surrounding areas.

So the next time someone tells you that lumber and pallet companies cannot be green because of all the trees they cut down, make sure to let them know some of the new things you have learned today in the short explanation of why a pallet company can be GREEN!